Antiques estimates and expert reports

perizie antiquariato dipinti

The estimate is the first step to take if you wish to sell or purchase a work of art, whether for a painting, a sculpture, an antique piece of furniture, or antiques in general.

We provide free impartial expert reports and accurate estimates, providing our clients a service of evaluation of a work of art market commercial value, granting professionalism and taking into account the market demand and the historical and artistic characteristics of the object. Moreover, we provide consultancy services and written reports, like insurance assessments, for hereditary divisions, or for appraisal of art collections or furniture.

In case of works of art of peculiar historical and artistic value, we rely on renowned professionals evaluating objects authenticity and attribution.

Written reports cost is about EUR 250; that cost does not relate to the work of art value, but depends on the time needed to prepare the report, on the research complexity and, if necessary, on the extent of the works of art appraisal.

You can ask, however, for a report cost estimate, providing information for example about works of art quantity and type and place where they are preserved and stored. Evaluations include in-dept analyses broader than estimates of objects or works of art for sale. They are carried out supporting compensation procedures, for insurance assessments, for hereditary divisions and appraisal of art collections or furniture.

The report will provide specific and detailed information: a technical file showing the period the object refers to, manufacturing, school of art or of a specific author, material, techniques implemented, commercial market value and state of conservation. A preliminary analysis of works of art will be necessary. We provide a service of preliminary free survey, followed by a definitive survey, marked by the analysis of every single object. A further analysis will be carried out to evaluate the object before writing the report.

For inventories of objects pertaining to art collection or furniture the same procedure of assessment is implemented. If a client wish to sell the whole collection or part of it through the intermediation of AntichitĂ  Giglio, a free report will be provided.

Giglio & C. is registered to the Antique Art Dealer Federation and the Provincial Trade Union Antique Art Dealer of Milan.
Antique Art Dealer Federation Trade Union Antique Art Dealer of Milan

Il processo di invio immagini è in corso, si prega di NON ESEGUIRE NESSUNA OPERAZIONE fino al completamento dell'invio.
Questo processo potrebbe richiedere un tempo che può variare da pochi secondi fino ad alcuni minuti, poichè la velocità di caricamento dipende da diversi fattori:

  • il numero di immagini inviate
  • la dimensione di ogni immagine
  • la velocitĂ  della connessione internet
  • la stabilitĂ  della connessione internet (nel caso di connessioni mobili)

Se entro 5 - 6 minuti non vedete comparire un messaggio di "Invio Completato", potete presumere che il processo di invio non andrĂ  a buon fine.
In tal caso ci scusiamo per il disagio e vi preghiamo di inviare direttamente le immagini al seguente indirizzo email:

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